About me

I’m Penny, 25, yeller w/ a bad attitude.

I don’t even know what this is and I’m lazily unapologetic. I’ve got into abysmal habits as I’ve got older like: hawking at guys on the tube, listening to LBC because “nothing wakes me up like being angry”, ghosting boring men who think I owe them my time, eating pate, racking up giant library fines because I’m obstinate, curly fries, hate-reading bad literary criticism just to rip it apart, listening to sad music and then crying, keeping a blog and not disclosing it to HR, being 10 minutes early to everything, & chronically chaining cigarettes.

I’m doing a PhD which I don’t appear to be completely cocking up, I’m also employed as a comms PA in the third sector & I live in London.

What am I listening to?: Ani DiFranco, and you’re damn right I’m judging myself. Binary is pretty good though…